Facilities and Features

Accommodation: ( all with ramp access )

                               4 x Lockwood style solid wood buildings, each has two adjoining units. 8 x Units in total

                               Each Unit has 2 x bedrooms, with two single bed bunks.  Foam mattress only. Clothing hand alcove in each 

                               bedroom space. ( we can provide linen / bedding / pillows / sleepings bags as optional )

                               In lounge common room space, 2 x single beds, plus optional kitchenette with domostic style oven,      

                               microwave oven, crockery, k/f/s, various pots / pans, toaster, jug and sink space ( self contained ).

                               Each Unit has own shower bathroom and one seperate toilet room.

                               In Main Community Hall, we have a leaders room, with single bed, also a Chefs room with single bed bunk,

                               shower, toilet and cothes alcove.

Main Community Hall ( ramp access )

                              Approx 10 metres x 8, with 22 wooden top tables ( 180cm x 70cem ) and 100 chairs.  

                              200 pax standing

                              160 pax dinning, with buffet space 

                              Room has ceiling projector mounts and many power points.

                              Lockable crockery cupboard

                              2 spacious deck areas

                              Servery bench into Kitchen


                              1 x large commercial element cooker with double door oven to load large trays

                              2 x large wall mounted ovens with wide doors to allow large trays

                              large ceiling extractor

                              Large chain feed bread toaster machine

                              Formica main prep bench and 2 x wash-tub long stainless sink clean up bench unit

                              Large ( 250cm x 250cm ) walk in / shelved chiller

                              Commercial fast cycle / auto detergent dishwasher / steriliser

                              Many hob pots, oven trays / roast tubs, bowls, chopping boards / Utensils, mixing gear

                              Zip wall mounted hot water dispenser

                              Leaders room

                              Chef's accommodation


                             Approx 8m x 4m. Various couch / chairs, plus wall mounted Flat Screen TV. 


                             Various waste / recycycling bins. pig waste collection / 660 litre main wheelie bins

Upper Hall ( ramp access 2nd story room )

                             Approx 10 metres x 6, with 4 wooden top tables ( 180cm x 70cm ) with 40 chairs

                             Approx 60 standing

                             Approx 30 dinning

                             Best used for break-away meetings, Chapel, changing room or storage

                             Optional possibility to have matress guest stay: we have 20 available

                             Small kitchenette corner, wash tub, domestic cooker, microwave,  fridge / freezer

                             Access to Mens / Ladies toilets and showers on ground level


                             Laundry / drying room

                             1 x large commercial big bowl washing machine $2 coins required

                             1 x large commercial big volume dryer $2 coins required

                             Ironing baord and washup tub


                             Parking space for + 50 cars, plus grass verge along pre-entranc to Camp. ( 600 metres to Road )


                           Various activity items, with soft ground surface, easily visible from all Units / Hall area. 

Grass Area

                           Approx 50 metres x 100 metres, wonderful panorama of Manukau Harbour

                           Volley Ball net 

                           Basketball space

                           Waterslide: Poly plastic, ground pegged: Approx 40 metres down slope toward the beach 

                            Balls / Frisbee / Cricket set / Parachute: available


                          We have 200 metre unfenced off grass / onto sand beach to Manukau Harbour

                          The beach water is hugely soft tidal, that shifts 600 metres In / Out. So at high tide with water In, it is

                          very shallow. You can walk out 200 metres and the depth would be approx 30cm. There is no rip, no big

                          waves as the beach water is sheltered.